About Us

BOURNE CO., one of the leading independent international music publishers, has since its founding in 1919, never lost its passion for the art of song writing or its deep respect for the creative processes involved in that art.

Our catalogues cover the entire music spectrum and have been associated with hits from: Nat King Cole to Nas, the Rat Pack to Crazy Frog, Shirley Temple to Barbra Streisand, Dick Tracy to Superman, Rosebud to The Little Tramp and from Silly Symphonies to Pinocchio.

Since our founding, we have built an enviable reputation for the tenacious promotion and successful representation of our song catalogs, worldwide. We have actively fought, as an individual company and as part of the music industry, to maintain the integrity and strength of the copyrights entrusted to our care whether they are beloved standards or lesser-known songs.

We are always searching for new revenue streams and actively encourage the use of the songs we represent in commercials, motion pictures, all new media and technologies, ring tones, television, merchandise, sound recordings, and other uses. Whether it’s the printing and distribution of sheet music, in the traditional manner or through digital printing, Bourne Co. continually seeks innovative approaches to the marketing of our catalogues.

We invite you to browse this website for more information about the Bourne Co. catalogues: to learn who has recorded our songs, including sound bites of many of these recordings, as well as which songs are available in print form.